How To Buy

Step 1: Add to Cart

Select any product and added into cart. 

Make sure the quantity is more than 1. 

Step 2: Continue Shopping

Click “Continue Shopping” Button in the cart page. Located on the top of the page. 

Step 3: Deliver to Multiple Addresses

In the Check Out Page, Click the “Set Address” Button to select address.  

*Make sure the cart is more than 1 items. 

Step 4: Add Address

Add a new address by clicking the “Add a new shipping address”. Fill in the detail. 



Step 5: Set Delivery Addresses for Each Product

Set Address by clicking the drop-down box clicking “Update” button and clicking “Save Addresses And Continue”  button to proceed check out page . 


Step 6: Set Delivery Date and Wishes

Scroll to the bottom of the check out page. Set Shipping Date by clicking the “Shipping Date” box and Write Wish/ Note in the “Note” Message Box. Select Delivery Method. 

*RBHAMPER has the authority to modify the delivery date that customer had selected. 


Proceed to Payment. 

Step 7: Track Order

Scroll to the footer (bottom of page), clicking the “Order Tracking” button. 

Type in the Order ID and Billing Email to track product status.