Chinese New Year 2020 Hamper 428

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Weight 8.0 kg
Dimensions 480 × 250 × 780 mm

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Product Description

荣宝泡参纯正燕窝 (70毫升 x 3)

RB Pure Bird’s Nest with Ginseng (70ml x 3)

安兴牌红烧鲍鱼 (425克)

On Hing Premium Braised Canned Abalone (425g)

上等级干贝 (8粒)

Premium Dried Scallops (8pcs)

智利葡萄白酒 (750毫升)

Casa Vista Sauvignon Blanc White Wine (750ml)

特大茶花菇 (100克)

Giant Dried Mushroom (100g)

五星级红枣 (100克)

Five Stars Red Dates (100g)

上等红枸杞 (10克 x 2)

Superior Dried Wolfberries (10g x 2)

特选白背黑木耳 (50克)

Selected Grade White – Black Fungus (50g)

晶莹拉丝精选雪燕 (50克)

Premium Quality Natural Snow Bird’s Nest (50g)

精选品质桃胶 (30克)

Premium Selected Peach Gum (30g)

紫砂茶叶罐糯米香普洱沱茶 (6克 x 12)

Glutinous Rice Pu-er Tea with Classic Tea Pot (6g x 12)


Prosperity Packaging with CNY Basket & Decorations


Chinese New Year Card

Only subject to Hampers: Due to limitations of some products, we will change to another similar products with value not lower than the previous products

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Khai Tik
This can bottle is absolute different taste and pure birdnest inside. My families love it and will buy again in future. High recommended!�read more
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Rong Bao
We focus on providing a Healthy, Quality and Creative Hamper for our loyal customers. Customers’ satisfaction is our precious and priority vision and thus we promise to provide good services with highest sincerely. Feedback from our customers are important for us, giving us a great chance to improve not only in creativity of our products, thus enhancing the quality of services to serve customers better in the near feature. Thanks for support from every single customer, appreciate it so much from RB HAMPER & HEALTH more
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