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Whether you're selling to the office, financial, healthcare, retail or industrial market, our high-quality products are ideal for every occasion such as festival, opening ceremony, birthday, farewell and more. As a valued dealer, we will work with you to solve any need with our strategic custom solutions. Partner with RB Hamper to create a new revenue steam for your business today!

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The Benefits

Our dealer program provides dealer with premium support and great discount. As you move up the dealer tiers, you are entitled to additional discounts and extra benefits!

Sales & Marketing Support

All our dealer receive a special dealer account and special special promotional offers throughout the year.

Completely Anonymous

You have option to white label so your customer will not know that you are getting services from us. This is allows you to have flexibility on deciding your own product price.

24/7 Uptime

Dealer can make order and services through the website we provide that operate 24 hours a day. RB Hamper using one of the top hosting service in Malaysia to ensure zero downtime.

Accessible At Anywhere

With RB Hamper Dealer website, dealer able to visit the website any time at any where without an issue. Dealer can also download the website as an application in their device.